What is DualFS?

DualFS is a new high performance journaling file system that puts data and meta-data on different devices (usually, two partitions on the same disk), and manages them in very different ways. Unlike other journaling file systems, DualFS has only one copy of every meta-data block. This copy is in the meta-data device, a log which is used by DualFS both to read and to write meta-data blocks. By avoiding a time-expensive extra copy of meta-data blocks, DualFS can achieve a good performance as compared to other journaling file systems. Indeed, we have implemented a DualFS prototype, which has been evaluated with microbenchmarks and macrobenchmarks, and we have found that DualFS greatly reduces the total I/O time taken by the file system in most cases (up to 97%).

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Source Code & Tools

DualFS source code and tools are available at SourceForge.