The CAPS research group was created in December 2010 by a small group of young researchers from the University of Murcia. As for today, the group is led by Manuel E Acacio and these are its members:



Research interest


Manuel E. Acacio (PI)

Full Professor Computer Architecture meacacio at

Juan L. Aragón

Associate Professor Heterogeneous Parallel Systems, GPUs,

Application-specific Accelerators

jlaragon at

Gregorio Bernabé

Associate Professor Computer Architecture, Distributed

Computing, Parallel Computing

gbernabe at

Juan Fernández

Associate Professor Computer Architecture juanf at

Antonio Flores

Associate Professor Computer Architecture aflores at

Pilar González

Associate Professor Computer Architecture pilargf at

Juan Piernas

Associate Professor Fault-tolerant Distributed Storage Systems piernas at

Alberto Ros

Associate Professor Computer Architecture, Processor Design aros at

Alexandra Jimborean

Researcher Compile-time and Runtime Code Analysis,

Software-Hardware Co-designs

alexandra.jimborean at

Ruben Titos Gil

Adjunct Professor Computer Architecture rtitos at

PhD and PostDoc

The following researchers are working in the group:



Research interest


Juan M. Cebrián

PostDoc Computer Architecture jcebrian at

Josué Feliu

PostDoc Computer Architecture josue.f.p at

David Corbalán Navarro

PhD GPU, High Performance Computing,

Computer Architecture

david.corbalan2 at

Francisco Muñoz-Martínez

PhD DNN Accelerators, High Performance Computing,

Computer Architecture

francisco.munoz2 at

Sawan Singh

PhD Computer Architecture,

Hardware-Software Co-designs

singh.sawan at

Eduardo José Gómez Hernández

PhD Computer Architecture, Cache Coherence,

Memory Hierarchy, Multi-core Architectures

eduardojose.gomez at

Sebastián Sumin Kim

PhD Computer Architecture, Speculative Execution,

Memory Dependence Prediction at

Ashkan Asgharzadeh

PhD Micro Architecture, Cache Coherence,

Memory Consistency

ashkan.asgharzadeh at


Our group collaborate with the following researchers:



Research interest


José Luis Abellán Miguel

Associate Professor

UCAM, Murcia (Spain)

HW/SW co-design & edge computing jlabellan at

Former members

The following students sucessfully completed their PhD with us:


Award date

First Employment

Daniel Sánchez July 2011 Intel Labs Barcelona (Spain)
Ana Avilés December 2014 Greenhost (Netherlands)
Epifanio Gaona January 2016 --