The CAPS research group was created in December 2010 by a small group of young researchers from the University of Murcia. As for today, the group is led by Manuel E Acacio and these are its members:





Manuel E. Acacio (PI)Associate Professor+34 868 883983meacacio at
Juan L. AragónAssociate Professor+34 868 888788jlaragon at
Gregorio BernabéAssociate Professor+34 868 887570gbernabe at
Juan FernándezAssociate Professor+34 868 888786juanf at
Antonio FloresAssociate Professor+34 868 884638aflores at
Pilar GonzálezAssociate Professor+34 868 887658pilargf at
Juan PiernasAssociate Professor+34 868 887657piernas at
Alberto RosAssociate Professor+34 868 888518aros at

Former students

The following students sucessfully completed their PhD with us:


Award date

First Employment

Daniel SánchezJuly 2011Intel Labs Barcelona (Spain)
Juan M. CebriánSeptember 2011Postdoc at NTNU (Norway)
J. Rubén TitosNovember 2011Postdoc at Chalmers University (Sweden)
José L. AbellánDecember 2012Postdoc at Boston Univerity (USA)
Ana AvilésDecember 2014Greenhost (Netherlands)
Epifanio GaonaJanuary 2016--